Daily Blogs

Lion or Antelope

Picture the sun rising on the African plains horizon. The animals are setting across the plains, deserts and valleys to graze for the day. It is the typical day in the life on the African plain, where all the animals roam about in search of food and water. Next to the watering hole is a herd of antelope, cooling off as the sun rises towards the peak of day. Off in the distance is the lion, hiding in the brush. The lion is steadily inching his way closer to the herd of antelope in search of his prey. The hunter is in search of his prey. Once the lion is close enough to strike, he springs up from his position and gives chase. The entire antelope herd go wild and begin to run in fear so they are able to survive another day. This scene is typical life for each of these mammals. Both are trying to survive the wild according to their own instincts and traits.

The life of the lion and of the antelope can be attributed to how we live our lives as well. Have you ever been asked, “Would you rather be the hunter or the hunted, or would you rather be the lion or the antelope?” More often than not most people would chose the lion. Who wants to be the least of the two and end of dead? What if I told you that personally I would like to be both? How could I relate the two very different lives of the lion and the antelope to my life?

I want to live my life with a part of each the lion and of the antelope. I want to be the hunter and the hunted. We all have to eat, right? We all have the desire to be successful and find our purpose in life, correct? My answer to both of those questions is YES. I do not mean eat as in survival at the core, but I still have to find a way to put food on the table. I have to find a way to get up everyday and survive. I have to find my way and put forth the effort every single day to reach my goals and visions. Every day I wake up I am hungry. For food yes, but for success in my own life as well. My attitude and effort determines my success. Just like the lion is hungry to eat, I am hungry to succeed. The lion in me allows me to get every day and work. I do not want to be average, not that being average is bad. I want to survive and be the best possible person I can be. I want to be hardest worker in the room every time I step into a room. I want to move up the ladder in my organization. I want to create my own business and make it successful. There are so many desires and pursuits I have that the hunger of a lion provides me the fuel to carry on.

The lion in me and in you might seem like there is no room left over for the antelope. Of course most people would wonder why I want to be part antelope as well. What does the antelope do? He runs, constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure he can survive. In this life, somebody is always gunning for you. Somebody is always looking to take your job, your spot in the line, your business success’s; there is always someone looking to beat you and take from you everything. Therefore, I want to part antelope because I need to run faster and harder to continue to beat my competition. If I want to survive I have to stay hungry myself, but I also have to outwork and out run the competition. Granted, there will always be someone bigger, faster, stronger and smarter than you in this world, but that does not mean they can outwork and out perform you or steal your success’s.

Part LION – be hungry, stay hungry, survive

Part ANTELOPE – outwork, out perform the competition, survive


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