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9/1 One Day Further From My Goals

Wake Up 5am

Body still not feeling it after the long weekend. I have been dehydrated every morning. Between work and catching up on sleep my body has been screaming at me. I can tell the difference when I am properly hydrated and rested versus the opposite. This is the last time I will lie to myself and say I will get back on track. Tomorrow, I will get going on my goals and routine that allows me to reach those goals.


  1. eggs, oats
  2. iced coffee (from event at work)
  3. beef, veggies, avocado
  4. turkey, veggies, avocado

My workout today was all the walking and lifting objects at work. I probably was only able to rest or sit down 2-3 times to eat lunch and have a team meeting.

The hell with settling I ended up doing some CF gymnastics followed by 

50-40-30-20-10    of

Double unders and situps


4 thoughts on “9/1 One Day Further From My Goals

  1. It’s 6am for me as I write this. I’m up and heading for a squat session. I’m reading your post and seeing someone with the same challenges as me. Give yourself a break. Read back over your blog. You train phenomenally hard. You’re run down and a little unfocused. Have a rest.

    Although, doing Annie is always good too!! What time did you get?


    1. Thanks! Yeah I guess being run down between traveling and work had me out of my fitness groove. I think I came in right under 14-15 min. I didn’t time it exactly. I also suck at DU’s. However, yesterday was my best day putting in work on DU’s overall.

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