Daily Blogs

Wed 8/31

I want to start off with wishing my lovely wife a Happy Birthday and I LOVE You!

Wake Up: 5am

My body is still processing being up for 40 hours straight Sun/Mon and sitting down for well over 16 hours in a plane/car alone between a 48 hour period. I slightly pulled a muscle in my back last night just by laying down on the couch before bed. Between the hectic traveling and being dehydrated, I was feeling rough again this morning.

Work was busy once again today. Welcome Week event that lasted 3.5 hours followed by admin work and then setting up for another event tomorrow. I am feeling loose and planned on lifting today, but between being busy at work and planning out my meal times I may not be able to. As of right now it does not look good. Need to get back on the early morning grind.


  1. eggs, oats
  2. fruit/veggie shake
  3. beef, veggies, avocado
  4. beef, veggies, avocado
  5. Shake, peanut butter and banana
  6. Brownies for wifey birthday

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