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Freedom Friday (Break the Chains of the Rat Race)

It’s FRIDAAAAAAYYYYY! I am so glad it is Friday. Right now, like most people I look forward to Fridays. Why? The weekend is upon me and that is the opportunity to take a break from the work week and do what you want. However, I am tired of looking forward to Friday just so I can have 2 days to do what I want. How often do you actually get two days worth of time though? More than likely, my free time adds up to about a day’s worth of time if I am lucky. Not to mention the whole mentality of living for the weekend is completely absurd, at least in my opinion and a few others who share that mentality. One of the fitness/business leaders I enjoy following on every social media platform available is Cory Gregory. His take on the weekend is if you are only living for the weekend, then your shit is broken. Why on earth would we work for 5-6 days just to get maybe one whole of freedom? If you are stuck in that routine and love it good for you. If you think that routine is broke and want more freedom like me its time to step and change it.

I am not sure what exactly or how exactly I am going to make the change, but I am no longer interested in looking forward to the weekend only. Honestly, does anybody look forward to Monday? I want to look forward to every day of the week. I want to go to bed at night and wake up the next morning as if each day was just as special and no day was worse/better than the other.

This sort of mentality also speaks to my inner desire to do what I want, how I want and when i want. Simply put: entrepreneurship. Having the freedom to pursue what I want and on my own time. I understand the pressures, the risks and the time it takes to be an entrepreneur. I grew up with and around those people. I desire the freedom to do what I want in life and how I want to. I am also not afraid to put in the work and time it takes to reach and accomplish those desires. I do not like being told what to do, how to do it or at the least given a set of parameters that I had no say in to abide by. If there is potential to find a job/career where maybe I am not technically an entrepreneur, but I still have the same freedoms of sort I may take that. I have always desired freedom to do what I want and technically everyone has the freedom to do what they want. Somewhere along the way we get stuck in the Rat Race though. Well, I am tired of the Rat Race and I want out. I want to break the chains of living for weekend and being told what to do.

The quest for this type of freedom is not easy and is not for everyone. Entrepreneurs still need employees to be successful. Being either one does not make a person better/worse than the other. Society needs both to be successful. I am here today to say I do not think I will ever be happy if I never try to go my own way. If I fail and entrepreneurship is not for me than I can live with that outcome. I cannot live by failing to ever to try though.

As mentioned before, I am not exactly sure where I am headed or going right now. Some people say follow your passions or interests and others have found success in random pursuits. Cory Gregory only wanted to lift weights and get paid. He found a way to be successful at both. My wanted to work for himself and be successful. My owns and operates a computer business. Looking at my and his abilities, you would scratch your head puzzled as to how he owns a computer business. He found an opportunity to work for himself and be successful, even in a field where he had no prior knowledge and can still barely work a computer. Both my dad and Cory G found their ways and made it work. How do they influence me? I love fitness and I grew up around my dad’s business. I’d prefer to follow my passions in business, but my dad still followed his passion to be successful and work for himself in the computer business. They both found a way and that has influenced me to find my way.

From this forward I will live my life similar to how entrepreneurs do. They wake up early and start the daily grind before most people are even close to waking up. I will continue to educate myself on a wide range of topics of interest and seek out how some great entrepreneurs became successful. I will also find mentors who are successful entrepreneurs in order to learn from them. I will train my mind and body equally hard. Entrepreneurs do not take days off and neither will I. I will seek out opportunities related to my passions to see what I find and where that may take me.


Wake Up 4:50am

Read one chapter of “The Paleo Manifesto”


  1. eggs, bacon
  2. beef ribs, veggies, avocado
  3. chicken, beef ribs, broccoli, avocado
  4. Fruit and veggies shake
  5. Seeds and fiber one bar

Workout: Crossfit main website WOD for 8/26/16 finished in 33:28


For time:
Run 1 mile with a 20-lb. medicine ball
Then, 8 rounds of:
10 wall-ball shots
1 rope ascent
Run 800 meters with a 20-lb. medicine ball
Then, 4 rounds of:
10 wall-ball shots
1 rope ascent
Run 400 meters with a 20-lb. medicine ball
Then, 2 rounds of:
10 wall-ball shots
1 rope ascent

Motivational Video


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