Daily Blogs

Thursday 8/25

Wake Up 5am

Took the dog for a walk I was so sore after the last two days of lifting. I also like working out in afternoon Texas heat though. After this week I will have to go back to mornings only so I am taking advantage of training in the heat.

Today was quite slow at work with all the meetings wrapping up now. Handle a few administrative duties and visited with several students and staff who happened to be passing by throughout the day. I need to paint the football field, but with the consistent rain and the landscape crew out there I have not been able to. My volunteer aid who is going to assist in striping the field was not able to make it to school today. I will see about trying tomorrow or next Friday.


  1. eggs and oats
  2. beef rib, veggies, avocado
  3. some candy (gift for office and I am letting it rip until I go full Paleo)
  4. Chicken broccoli avocado
  5. Sunflower seeds
  6. Fruit veggie shake
  7. Peanut butter and banana

Workout: tried to work on some gymnastics moves but banged my head while moving in and out of my garage gym weights area. Jog just under miles with the wife and pup. 

Motivational Video: Are you really hustling…Grindin?

I know there are day where I fall off the wagon, but I understand the value of getting up early and hustling if you want something out of life.


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