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Hump Day 8/24

Wake up 5am

Started off the morning with intent to lift but realized I did not have a full load out prepared foods. Cooked breakfast along with veggies and played with my pup.

First workout of the day was light in nature because I went through a mock workout in order to test the exercise equipment in the rec center for any problems. Found a few things I was able to fix and few I couldn’t. Meeting at work and gearing up for school to start next week.


1. Eggs and oats

2. Turkey quinoa veggie bake

3. Few pieces of candy after workout

4. Chicken gyro, veggies, fruit, cookie for lunch at meeting. It was free!!!



10 down to 1 ladder of: 

Back squat starting with 135 adding 10# total to bar each round, tire flips and sledgehammer swings L/R each round. Only rest was transition from one exercise to the next plus changing weights on squat. Finished with 800m wheelbarrow carry with 90# weights without stopping. 

Motivation Video: From ya boy E.T. Eric Thomas




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