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Tuesday 8/23

Wake up sometime before 6am. No AM workout today. Convocation at work means I get to go in earlier and get off earlier than normal. Will have an afternoon workout in the garage.

I feel great getting closer to back on schedule and back on routine. Great conversation with fellow colleague of mine today about health and fitness and student about education, goals, business, money, etc..


  1. eggs and oatmeal
  2. chicken, veggie, avocado

Workout: “My Joshua”

5 rounds for time: 400m run, 30 GHD situps, 15 Deadlifts (scaled 185#) completed in 31:14:97

This is me after workout. 93 degree Texas humidity. 

Without a set program currently due to recent injuries, time spent traveling and school starting next week (super busy schedule week 1), i have no program because my workouts will vary on intensity, time and if/when they actually happen. After the next week and a half are over, I will move into a CF Weightlifting style program. It will be based around strength lifts with a metabolic style WOD and potentially Strongman style workouts rotated in throughout.

Not much to say other than that today and this week in general as I get back to normal functioning.


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