Daily Blogs

Monday Aug. 22 “A Humble Truth”

It has been several days since my last post, partly due to my lack of access to laptop or tablet and my dissatisfaction with how things were going in my life recently. I purposely chose not to play with technology over the past three days as I was not so interested in what the internet or social media had to say. After injuring my shoulders several weeks ago, I become disinterested and unmotivated to workout, eat super healthy and continue with my daily habits that provide a great mindset for myself. I sort of lost myself in the process and was not able to figure out what I wanted or what direction I am headed.

I stand here today acknowledging my downfall and how much I need to get back on track. I feel unorganized and weak after being separated from my daily habits, routine and mental mindset. I am working back into my groove starting today by not pulling a straight 180 because I am not conditioned to the process yet.

Life happens and it hit me straight dab in the face recently. Even when we are not totally happy with the way things may be going I still believe what Gary Vee said is true, “It’s binary. If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backward.” We cannot get to where we want to be if skip the process of what it takes to get there. I forgot this concept recently and became unhappy with my current situation. I was working so hard to accomplish several things, but the change was not fast enough for me. I was humbled when i hurt my shoulders and it transitioned into other aspects of my life. I know I was doing the right things and putting in honest work, maybe not in all aspects of my life, but for most part yes. After falling apart I was able to reevaluate and understand where my effort and shortcomings each were. Moving forward I will work just as hard as before, but understand the beautiful things in life take time to cultivate, similar to a sprawling garden that produces crops several months after being planted.

My goal is to put my effort and time into the greatest of priorities first and try not spread my time into several different processes. I believe that I will be able to handle all my other wants/needs if i can take care of my greatest priorities first and foremost. If I cannot satisfy my most pressing and major needs/wants, how can I take care of the rest. I previously tried to take care of everything, spreading my time and effort across many spectrum’s rather than focusing on a few main triggers and letting the rest take care of themselves.

It’s go time!!!



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