Daily Blogs

Hump Day 8/17

Wake Up: 630 am; I did not fall asleep until late last night, probably after midnight. I laid in bed for about two hours trying to not wake my wife up as my thoughts were racing. I was researching and thinking about purchasing a mountain bike. After selling my banshee because the motor blew up, I feel the need to replace one recreational/leisure activity with another.


  1. eggs, oats, honey
  2. protein shake
  3. chicken, veggies, nuts
  4. Unhealthy snacks
  5. Chicken veggies avocado
  6. Pizza (yeah I know bad, but I’m trying to get all the bad foods off the list while my life is hetic the the last 7 weeks and then some before I go full swing into dietary control and experimentation)


  1. Chest & Back superst
  2. FS triple

My shoulders have been jacked up lately so I cut the workout short and I might take a few days off minus legs to rest. 

    Motivational Video of the Day:


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