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Tuesday 8/16 Oly Day + Motivation Video

I will embed a daily motivation video for each of my daily life blog posts. I watch and use these for my own motivation and want to encourage and inspire others. FYI, some videos contain foul language from the authors.

Wake up 5am

Pre workout snack- coffee, apple & PB

Workout: OHS work (up to 125 today; working on greasing the groove), went through some snatch barbell cycling (light weight trying to feel it out), GPP (GHD, T2B, tricep press) and took the dog for a run.


  1. Eggs, Oats, Honey, Almond Milk
  2. Chicken, Veggies, 1/2 avocado
  3. Chicken, Veggies, 1/2 avocado


The rain here in Houston, TX is still pouring down. No major flooding in North Houston, only minor street flooding. Looks like we will be getting hit with rain for the majority of the day. This makes me want to go back home and watch movies all day. Without the sunshine I do not want to do much.

School is about to start in less than two weeks. The first 10 days of school are going to be super busy. I enjoy the type of programming and environment collegiate student life provides, however, I am nearing the end of my joy of performing the duties that provide for a great student life program. Not due to the type of work or the actual programming, but due to the schedule I have been working for just over two years. Considering the college I work at is a commuter school, we have to program events around lunch and early afternoon and then sporting events in the evenings. My schedule keeps me at school until 8 pm most days. I am a morning person and miss the opportunity to spend time with my wife, family and friends each evening. They work regular hours for the most part, leaving little time spent during the week. I am ready for a schedule change, which will more than likely require a career/job change. Currently, I am working on some options trying to piece together the puzzle. Another difficultly I face due to my schedule is trying to accomplish normal after work tasks in the evenings such as meeting up with people to buy/sell equipment. I am trying to purchase used weights from a guy across town and I am not able to meet up to his schedule in the evenings. This may cause me to miss an opportunity to buy weights at a great price.

Motivation Video for the Day:


What is your DRIVING FORCE? Do you have one? Why do you wake up everyday and do what you do? Granted we all slack off from time to time and lose out on the motivation to tackle the daily grind we find ourselves in, but are you waking up each day with no purpose, no driving force that pushes you to the boundaries or are you constantly fighting for something bigger than yourself? If you have a DRIVING FORCE what is it?

My DRIVING FORCE is:Β I want to provide my family with a fulfilling and enriched life for generations to come and be the most impactful person I can be by what I can accomplish in this life through positive relationships and a wealth of knowledge.


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