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Weekend Recap 8/12-14 & Monday

Floated the San Marcos River with some of my good friends this past weekend. Weather was nice and it did not rain on us while we were on the river. Went out Friday night for dinner and a few drinks. We spent Saturday on the river and then out to dinner again that night. It was nice to catch up with everyone again. Hopefully we can plan out some more dates in the near future to get together again.

Saturday worked out before the river on Shoulder, Arms and squats. Sunday was spend mostly traveling and then relaxing the rest of the evening. Need to get back on track for nutrition and fitness. We have been out of town 6 out of the past 8-9 weekends so it has been difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or at least the way I would consider for myself. One more weekend of going out of town for the foreseeable future so I am planning on being strict and focusing on my goals and interests in fitness thereafter.

Two more weeks before school starts, of which I am not looking forward to. The first two weeks are so busy I may pull 10+ hour days. I do not mind the hard work in any job, but I do mind the time spend doing it.

Workout later today will equal powerlifting lifts, probably just greasing the groove after the long weekend. Food equals mostly healthy meals today, getting back on track.


BS – working on technique, esp. breathing. Rack pulls working on getting into position. Bench press working on technique since my shoulders are questionable still. GPP!

Food- mostly healthy stuff today. not even going to list it because i had a few snacks to pass the time from getting back into town and not being fully prepared.


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