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Confused About My Direction in Fitness

Everyday is a new day. I can take that statement and apply it to my current thought process regarding my direction for fitness. One day I am focused on my current program and nutrition and then the next I want to try something new or different. I am in a constant state of bumper car thinking, bouncing one idea off another and so on. My problem is situated around an all encompassing type of program. I would love to mix Crossfit, powerlifting, bodybuilding and Olympic lifting all together so I can get the best of all worlds. I have actually proceeded to combine them somewhat effectively, however, when I seek out content I quickly turn my attention and focus towards that one area of fitness. The roller coaster of content acquisition, training programs and nutrition cycles continues to change emphasis on how I want to program. This in turn creates confusion into what I really would like to program and train towards.

Confused Daily Prompt



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