Daily Blogs

HUMP DAY Got Me Feeling….

Wake up 6am: Wifey was supposed to wake up and work out early, but she didn’t do so. We switch mornings on who wakes up early and workouts first. Therefore, I started my day late.

Workout: FS up to 165 for a triple. Feeling beat up from yesterday. Chest and Back superset workout. Took Malakai for a run.


  1. Eggs and fruit/veggie shake
  2. Iced Coffee
  3. Beef, veggies, nuts
  4. chicken, veggies, nuts

Not too much going on today. I did apply for a few more coaching/teaching jobs at local school districts. Should I be worried that I have not heard back from any schools up to this date about job inquiries? I am a non-traditional candidate, going the alternative certification route. I have met all my requirements up to the point of receiving a job offer. Praying for this to work out already.

Goals for the day:

  1. Honestly, I did not set any for today. Felt uninspired today in general. Need to get right in the mind.
  2. While typing #1, i created this next goal: get back in the groove and follow my routine that I have set out for myself to accomplish my daily goals starting tomorrow. My routine has worked successfully before and I need to get back into. That is my goal for today.

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