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Tuesday 8/9 Oly Lifting Practice

Wake up 4:30am

Workout: Muscle snatch, hang power snatch, snatch balance, OHS w/ pause (115 today felt easy), OHS w/ mobility, snatch pulls and then 400m lunges. Jason accompanied me once again during this workout. Helps to have someone pushing you. We are still going through the phases of acquiring skill, knowledge and technique on Olympic lifts. Took Malakai for a walk and then mowed my back yard (about another hour of steady state cardio you could say).


  1. Eggs, oats /honey
  2. Healthy Reds Shake – red cabbage, tomato, red bell pepper, strawberries, raspberries and coconut milk (let’s just say the tomato stole the show and I did not approve)
  3. Beef, veggies, nuts
  4. Chicken, veggies, nuts/seeds

Goals for the day:

  1. Learn about healthy nutrition and the different aspects/avenues available to man. Watching documentaries related to this topic and I will need to do additional research about the topics. Currently, I am watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix. From what I have seen up to my stopping point, plant based foods are superior to animal related products. The authors/subjects believe and have studies showing the effects of higher consumption of plant based diets vs. Western style diets high in animal sources, dairy and refined sugars/oils/products. My thoughts so far: I already eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, plus higher consumption of healthy fats. I also eat plenty of animal products such as eggs, beef, chicken, turkey and fish. I prepare my meats in a healthy manner on top of that. My overall diet is closely related to Paleo guidelines. However, I am looking forward to investigating the claims presented in this documentary and many others I come across.
  2. Finish podcast from the “Art of Manliness” on money matters. I like listening to the podcast and visiting the Art of Manliness website to read and review an array of topics one might consider manly or masculine. Brett McKay does a great job organizing the site and finding credible sources to cover certain topics of discussion. Not worry ladies, the site is not ultra “machismo” and Brett’s wife does assist in many ways to the sites content.
  3. Find a new book to read. I have an idea for a book, but it will be released on audio book only I believe, specifically Itunes. I am planning on trading in my phone for an Iphone within the next month so I may have to find another book in the meantime.
  4. FYI Goal/Note to Self: Goals regarding work. I do not have any set goals for work as I do not plan on promoting within here, nor being with the company for too much longer. Two reasons to this, number one being a slight change in career path of which I am working on and should be ready to go very soon. The second reason is my wife is pursuing schooling in the healthcare field that will require us to move within the next year due to logistical purposes and schools of choice. However, my goals for work right now would be to accomplish at the best of my ability the programs and events set out on the upcoming school year calendar.

Featured Image: Great thinking and positive outlook by Edison, however, I am sad to say we have adopted the opposite approach to modern medicine by relying on drugs to fix our problems.


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