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Weekend Recap & Monday Recovery

This past weekend I traveled back to my hometown to visit with family and participate in a fundraiser skeet shoot. The skeet shoot went well and I had blast, despite temperatures over 100 degrees. After shooting that day I was wiped out from lifting early that morning, traveling and shooting all day that I fell asleep rather early.

Saturday my brother and I worked out in the morning by hitting arms and shoulders and a max reps set at 225 on back squat (13 reps). We had planned on kayaking the Colorado River, however, my mother needed help clearing the yard of the trees the electric company cut down and left. My dad made it out to the house and helped out as well. We worked by picking up branches, cutting the logs and hauling them to the burn pile. In all, it took about four hours and a ton of heavy lifting. It was great to work along side my brother and dad once again, similar to when we were younger. After clearing up the yard, the ladies were nice enough to prepare everyone a late lunch consisting of venison hamburgers. After eating we went down to my uncles house and swam in the pool the rest of the day. Malakai, my lab pup was all over the place in the pool. He did not take a break the entire time. It was a workout keeping up with him. We ended the night by eating pizza and watching a movie.

We slept in Sunday and I made breakfast while we watched The Martian. My wife and I left around noon for home, stopping for few things along the way. Once we arrived I went straight to work in the garage. I had left Friday leaving it a mess after taking the kayaks back home and started packing up my Banshee parts. I worked in the garage for about five hours straight by cleaning, reorganizing the entire garage setup, packing more Banshee parts and selling my old washer. By the time I was done we had to hurry up and go grocery shopping. When it was all said and done we did not go to bed until about an hour and half past our normal time. Even though I spend half my weekend working outside, I enjoyed it and leave it feeling accomplished.

MONDAY- wake up 6am and made food for the week

Workout: TBD

Food: I am trying so hard to focus on my diet for exercise purposes, specifically going Paleo. However, with all the traveling and events we have done the last month and still looking forward to I go about 4 days straight Paleo and then the weekend rolls around and it is a toss up. While I did prepare some foods this past weekend, there were times where I just went with the flow. I am going to give myself until the end of the month to be strict full time on on my diet, due to the travels we still have planned. I normally do not eat bad at all during those times, just not how I would like to. Cheat meals and snacks will still be had, but in a more planned and thought out process. I really want to do this for the sake of experimentation and seeing what I can do when I go all out with my training and nutrition.


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