Daily Blogs

8/4 Thursday What Up!!!

Wake up 6am. Today was supposed to be my wife’s turn to go first in the garage gym. We switch off because if we are not on the same program it is tough to lift together. She didn’t wake up and lift so I did not receive my alarm clock wake up from her this morning.

Food: (need to go shopping;missing out on some favorite foods)

  1. Eggs, Bacon
  2. Nuts
  3. Turkey, asparagus
  4. Chicken, veggies, nuts
  5. Apple and peanut butter
  6. Fruit shake


  1. Back Squat w/ 3 second pause in the hole (working on that drive up; also tying to find my weaknesses)…worked up to 245 x 3 x 1 reps
  2. Deficit Deadlifts worked up to 275 standing on 1 plate (really trying to stay tight and upright here)
  3. GPP: GHD raises w/ reverse hypers (5 sets of 5-10); toes to bar + rope pulldowns (5 sets total 5-10reps); Rear delt flyes 100 reps at 5# in as few sets as possible


This weekend I will be traveling out of town to visit my hometown. More than likely I will not do any serious blogging as the small town country life does not provide many opportunities for tech use. My family doesn’t have internet at home, they just use smartphones. No laptop, PC or tablet either. I hope to too busy anyways to play with technology. Friday, I am teaming up with my uncle for skeet shooting tournament. He is one of directors of the charity tournament that will attract some big suits to the area from the greater Houston area across a variety of businesses. I pray I will meet someone who has knowledge and content, potentially an opportunity that I am looking for.

On Saturday we are planning on kayaking the Colorado river during the day and BBQ’n at night. I am also going to transport my kayaks and leave them in the shop back home as they are taking up space in my garage in comparison to how much use they see. My brother and I are in talks of me acquiring some of his weight equipment. He received a new job and may have to move soon, in which he will have no need for the weights at home any longer. I am also going to pick up a wheelbarrow and my large tractor tire back home for use in my garage gym. Both items were free, proving how easy it really is to build a collection of exercise equipment.


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