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Who am I & Why am I here?

I am writing this blog post to share a few things about myself and why I am creating a blog site. Although I have already created an original blog about goals and expectations and a page detailing who I am, I feel the need to state what would be like an executive summary about myself and why I am blogging.

My name is Kyle and I reside in Houston, TX. I am married to my of 2+ years Shelby with no children to date and have a two year black lab mix named Malakai. I work in the education system, specifically physical education as program coordinator with intentions of becoming a coach/teacher. I value education, maybe not so much public school or college education, but self and mentor related education. Fitness is my passion. I love the small town life and have  a vision of my family living on some country property with a red barn, livestock and a garden. I believe each person controls his/her own destiny. You get out what you put in; the only two things a person can control are his/her own attitudes and effort. I believe in community effort and relationships, however, I do not believe in living by the standards set out by society.

The purpose I have in blogging is to ultimately keep track of my progress in life and help other people in some sort of way. My plan is to keep track of my daily habits by blogging about them, not only keeping myself accountable to my vision and goals but also to check my progress. I will be able to see what is working versus what is not working. I plan to blog about topics/areas of interest by relaying my take on them in hopes of bringing about a new light to others. For example, my 3 takeaways sections will be dedicated to my knowledge i retained from an assortment of subjects. My future goals regarding blogging, once I become a more organized in my writing structure, i would like to provide content knowledge about fitness related topics. I also will add other content ranging in topics I feel strong and educated on as well.



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