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8/3 Progress Check, Garage Gym Goals & Downsizing

Wake up 5am and then didn’t realize I fell asleep until 6am.


  1. Front Squat for a triple 225#
  2. Incline DB Press + Seated Rows (5x15each)
  3. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown + DB Chest Flyes (5x15each)
  4. DB Pullover + Cable Crossover (3×15 each)
  5. GPP + Stretching
  6. NIGHTLY ABS (200 weighted crunches plus reverse crunches)


  1. Eggs, Fruit Shake
  2. Turkey, veggies, avocado
  3. Salmon, veggies, nuts
  4. Shake
  5. Apple’s and Peanut butter with honey. 


Finished Rich Dad Poor Dad again, going to write up a quick lesson on that. Started reading Think Like a Champion by Donald Trump. Should be a quick read. Learning content from CoryG, Young N Hungry Firecast, GaryVee and others.

Garage Gym Goals/Updates:

  1. Found a good design for DIY Farmer’s handles, hope to build those sometime this month
  2. Picking up wheelbarrow and huge tractor tire this weekend (wheelbarrow donated and tire is old one i acquired years ago).
  3. Hoping my brother will cut me a good deal on his weight equipment. Its old and rusty. Weider complete squat rack combo and 400# weights will be a great addition.
  4. Need to build a 3 – 1 plyo box still
  5. Mini DL jack design
  6. Chains, both small and large for different exercises
  7. Pulling/Jerk Blocks


  1. End of 3 Fitness
  2. garage-gyms.com

Downsizing of sorts:

I am currently selling off some items from my other hobbies that have taken a backseat recently or have incurred too much funds to sponsor right now. All that being said, I am upgrading my garage gym equipment in the process. I am selling my Yamaha Banshee roller after my top end fried last year, also causing some damage to the crank. I worked diligently to strip it down completely in order to rebuild it, but after finding the entire engine block (sub the transmission) needed replacing for $1500-1700 including what I spend taking it apart and cleaning it I decided right now was not the best time. I sold the spare parts of the engine to the dealer I shipped it to in order to fix and the rest I am selling to my good friend Blake who is going to put his spare motor in it and then sell it. All in all it was a great learning experience tearing down the Banshee completely, however, the investment was not worth it at the time.

I am also selling my sports memorabilia collection I have accumulated over my life. Nothing special to speak nor is it much in general. I have no use for it nor do I find any value in the items any longer. I am done investing in material items that have no use or true purpose, minus my dress attire for certain occasions. I am also selling my home brew kit collection, of which I never used. For awhile I was interested in brewing my own beer, but over the last few months my interest in beer has dropped significantly. My wife and I were deeply engaged in the craft beer scene for about 2 years and became to appreciate the art of brewing. However, my senses have changed with my uptick in fitness and nutritional awareness; though it is not like my commitment to fitness and nutrition was not high during the past few years, something just simply changed for me.


2 thoughts on “8/3 Progress Check, Garage Gym Goals & Downsizing

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    Pleasure to meet you, I just wanted to say I enjoyed your blog post, very good exercises. I appreciate you taking the time to follow my blog page as well, very thankful for the support.



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