Daily Blogs

Tuesday 8/2 LET’s GOOO

Wake up 4:15am

Weight: 178

Training today with Jason on that Oly Lifting. Hit 235 FS w/ Pause (tough); worked on hang squat cleans and hang power snatches; then hit some GPP (rear delt flyes, good mornings and triceps); finished it off with 400m lunges.


  1. Eggs, bacon, fruit/veggie shake
  2. Bulletproof smoothie (coffee, almond milk, banana, peanut butter, protein powder)
  3. Chicken, spinach, pumpkin seeds
  4. Shake
  5. Chicken, broccoli, avocado. 



Finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad again, this time taking a few notes and pointers in writing or pictures. Hope to write a blog on what I learned from that this week sometime. Doctor’s appointment at the dermatologist for cist like bumps on my neck and cheek area caused by shaving. Received a steroid shot that is supposed to suppress the cist and shrink them.

Goals for the Day:

  1. Workout & Lunge
  2. Finish Book
  3. Study
  4. Start Reading new book
  5. Sell of unwanted/unnecessary items

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