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It’s Mooondaaayyyy!!! 8/1/16 Weekend Recap & Going Into This Week

This past weekend Shelby went out of town with her girlfriends, affording me the opportunity to work on a few things around the house and on myself. Saturday consisted of shopping for essentials around the house, cleaned the entire house and mowed and weed ate the yard. I also hit some light shoulder and arms, which actually did my shoulders some good. Put up back squat 185 for 10 reps real quick as well. Squeezing my back and the bar has been tough on my shoulders, especially when I put on heavy weight. Keeping the numbers down for now until my range of motion is back. I woke up early on

Sunday and put a roast in the slow cooker, then did some light conditioning work and front squats. My goal for Sunday was to take pictures of all the items in the house and garage up for sale. I managed to do that, but was not able to post because my phone overheated. This happens often and it becomes useless until it cools and recharges. I spend the rest of the day with Shelby hanging out and resting.

Woke up 5am and slept until 6am. The wife didn’t want to get up so I decided to snuggle her a little longer.

Workout: Felt a little weak and sluggish today, also battling the shoulder injuries (rotator cuff i believe) on both sides with the left shoulder being more serious. Was able to hit back squat 205 (5x3reps) and Rack pull deadlift working on leverage 225 (3×3). Tried to setup a light bench press, but that was not going to happen. Superset GHD raises with Toes to Bar (3x 5-8reps) and Rear delt flyes 3 x 20reps.

WOD #2: Because I can and felt like it today

  1. Kelly Starret breaking the hips open movement
  2. Pullups x 3 sets till failure (18,12,8); seated pulls w/ Bodyweight competition sets (6,8,6,6,5 @ 180); 1 arm lat pulldown superset w/ DB pullovers (3 x 8-10 each)
  3. 2 set tri-set to finish from this morning (ham curls x 10 w/20# DB, back ext x 10, rear delt flyes w/ 5# x 20)

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad and watched a few #AskGaryVee videos. I like what he said about August. This month, all 31 days is the time to triple down (4x, 5x) whatever it takes to hustle and get your master plan rolling. Or if you have been killing it all year long August is the time to get out and chill, play tennis or go on a river trip. Take it one of two ways though, it is like getting ready for the 4th quarter of the year. Are you winning already this year or are you sick of being content with where you are at? Are you winning or losing going into the 4th quarter of the year. I am going all in this month. My master plan and vision is not going to appear by itself or without hard work. Time to go all in for 31 days. To be honest, this morning was not all in so I have some making up to do now.

Food: Back on track with Paleo today

  1. Eggs, bacon and Fruit/Veggie Shake
  2. Salmon, peas & carrots and sunflower seeds
  3. Shake
  4. Roast, broccoli, avocado


Looking forward to Skeet Shooting Fundraiser Tournament this Friday with my uncle Richard. It has been well over a year since I last shot my 12 gauge, let alone targeting skeet for competition. As always though it should be an exciting time. We might also kayak the Colorado River as a family on Saturday.


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