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Friday Hustle 7/29


Wake Up 4:15am

My old college buddy and good friend Jason hit me up yesterday about training at the house because I have Olympic/Crossfit style weights and equipment. Jason was in luck because today was my Olympic lifting focus day. We agreed to a 5am workout and put it the work this morning. While I am no means an expert or even an intermediate Oly lifter, Jason was excited to get start on a more functional based style of training. Therefore, we are in early terms of getting together 2-3 days a week and going through a WOD together. I believe having a dedicated and passionate workout partner will only make you better.


  1. Front Squat singles up to 245 and then a few backoff sets with a pause
  2. Hang Powercleans and Hang Squat Cleans. Practice for the both us.
  3. Overhead squat practice with just the bar.
  4. GHD situps and Toes 2 Bar superset for GPP
  5. Lunge 400m – this was Jason’s first time lunging for distance and while he struggled a little the benefit was all smiles when we were done.

I did not post yesterday as I was turned away from being able to before getting started. Hit a power day in the gym plus some chest & back bodybuilding. I also believe I may have strained my shoulders/rotator cuff while pressing on the bench. This was in combination with Malakai jerking me unexpectedly on Wednesday during our morning walk. My shoulders hurt and my range of motion is limited. I ate well yesterday, although I did go back towards a more paleo all day schedule. I feel better overall with consistency, although I have ate oatmeal with my eggs each of the last two mornings.

After lunch today my friend Jalen and I will be attending a Rich Dad Educational seminar regarding stocks here in Houston. The seminar is expected to last roughly two hours and cover information regarding buying, selling, the volatility of markets and general information regarding stocks. I have recently shown interest in financial literacy in order to better understand how and where money comes from and goes. My goal is to learn and educate myself regarding topics ranging from stocks to investments to real estate. I would like to be financially independent and retired long before society’s take on the matter. 

^ The seminar was in short a quick introduction into the Rich Dad Way of learning stocks. The next part is a 3 day workshop for $300, with a free guest included in September. I did not go for that due to a prior engagement that weekend and to do my own further research. I will say the premises behind the Rich Dad way is completely different than what I have heard previously. I am interested to learn more and continue to do my own research about stocks and investments. 


  1. eggs, oats, apples, honey
  2. Yogurt
  3. Whataburger Patty melt
  4. Nuts

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