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Monday Refresh Plus Nutrition Goals Explained 7/25/16

Smith Family Farm Gustine, TX

This past weekend Shelby and I traveled to visit her family in Comanche, Stephenville and Gustine, TX towns. This area is located about 80 miles or so SW of Dallas-Fort Worth. Stephenville is a smaller community that is home to Tarleton St. University, with a population near 20,000. Comanche, with a population under 5,000 is home to my wife’s parents. We stayed with them during our visit, traveling to and from Stephenville and Gustine. The latter is a tiny community, home to less than 500 inhabitants where there is no stop light and only one gas station and local city cafe. The family farm is located just outside of Gustine, also where grandma Smith lives. The farm is roughly 200 acres last I recalled, with plenty of prime deer hunting locations.

During out visit, Shelby and her dad played in a parent-child golf tournament. They ended up tying for first place. Since I am a novice at golf I decided playing in the tournament was best for everyone involved. Therefore, I visited Shelby’s brother and his Crossfit gym in Stephenville. I worked out there by mostly doing my own routine. I did learn a few new exercises and how to breakdown the Snatch movement. I always enjoy teaming up with Chris, Shelby’s brother, to learn more about CF and simply talk fitness knowledge.

Outside of the golf tournament and Crossfit adventures, both Friday and Saturday evening consisted of family gatherings filled with food and conversation. I probably ate my entire months worth of German chocolate cake, ice cream and burgers in those two days. I pretty much went totally against my diet and nutrition goals that coincide with my fitness goals, but since I normally do not feast like that (save Thanksgiving and Christmas) it was about time to enjoy a winter freezes worth of home cooking.

After all the traveling and gorging on all kinds of food it is time to get back on track today. I may have to remind myself that prior to this past weekend I was about 90% on spot with my nutrition so having uploaded intake might do me some good. I’d like to think Friday nights feast did me some good in the gym as I pulled 385 on sumo deadlift (PR) after not having pulled over 275 in about 3 months due to injury issues. This morning I was able to get up 5am and start my week off right. I had to wait until 630 to train due to gym opening concerns, but nonetheless accomplished my goal to start the week off right. Combine that with reading more chapters of Rich Dad, Poor Dad I feel that my mind and body attacked the week dead on. Training this morning was more of the same of what I did on Saturday, however, with much less intensity due to some soreness and fatigue. Back squat up to 285, deficit deadlift up to 295 and bench press pauses up to 235. Added some GHD’s, banded ham curls, toes to bar and rear delt flyes to finish.

This week starts back on Intermittent Fasting protocols by using the 16/8 method. My inspiration on this lifestyle comes from Cory Gregory and his successes, along with some inspiration and science based studies from Dr. Jim Stoppani. I have trialed this plan in the past year and produced some great results, by becoming leaner and much more defined in my musculature. The planning behind it is simple and easy to manage. I think the only reason I came off of it was some injury issues where I had to basically stop training hard and timing of vacation. My plan is to continue training in the morning, only consuming zero to low calorie liquids until my first meal around noon. Water, green tea, coffee and BCAA mix are the only choices. My first meal will be close to noon, with a second meal coming around 5-6pm. I will have a snack in between there at some point and wrap it up with a snack meal around 8-9pm. With each of the two meals, portion sizes do not really matter nor does counting calories. The goal is to eat until full by filling up on quality nutrients. Lean meats, veggies and fruits and healthy fats are about it. Carbs are low on this diet (100-150 g/day) and come from the above sources only, mostly veggies and the fruits. Paleo friendly guidelines are basically the bulk of the diet, or should I consider lifestyle. This eating pattern continues 7 days a week, staying consistent with the times and nutrients. The only exception to this is a little bit of freedom on the weekends, the time where people have and fun and enjoy life more often. Staying strict during the week will allow for some serious play come Friday night and all day Saturday. This all depends on my goals and progress though.

Today I can tell you what I am going to eat already because my meals (2) are already planned out and ready to be consumed.

  1. Ground beef, squash and avocado
  2. Protein shake
  3. Ground turkey, okra/tomato stew, nuts
  4. Peanut butter and bananas (probably 2)

As i stated earlier, the goal is to eat until full. Between those 4 meals I am able to provide my body the same amount of nutrients I need if I was grazing all day or eating smaller, more frequent meals. Eat until full and do not count calories, plus the ease of only planning two meals is so simple and time saving. The long term goal is use fat as primary energy source, burning my body’s stored fat for energy and thus becoming a lean specimen of muscle. I will write up an article post regarding intermittent fasting (IF) and the Paleo lifestyle later this week, combining information on both to explain both the benefits of each and how each protocol with fit into my nutritional lifestyle choice.

Until then, take care and #BeMoreHuman



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