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Original Blog: Goals & Expectations

The purpose of my first blog post is to lay out some expectations and goals for my blog. I intend to blog daily, whether it be just what I did over the course of the day, I put out some learning material/thoughts, or post about current events in the world today. The reader can expect me to stay true to my NUTS, Core Values and Goals throughout the process. I will blog about my daily habits, my workouts and my nutrition; plus any special occurrences I may have encountered. I am very interested in politics and will be posting info regarding political concerns (keeping it clean, yet very pro-American). There will be no doubt I post information regarding fitness relation material.

My goal is to not educate others regarding posts I make, but I want to give people some insight into my thoughts so not only can you learn from me, but i can also learn from you. This will hold me accountable to my core values and goals. One can look forward to thoughts on knowledge i have gained through reading, watching and personal experiences; along with insight from some of my mentors. I will try to summarize as best possible, giving the reader the most bang for you buck essentially. Every so often, I may write a long post about a passionate subject matter.

To those who wish to follow and read along know this:

  1. I am not perfect nor intend to be with my writing skills, though processes and overall wealth of knowledge
  2. I am by no means what society would consider to be successful, rich and full of knowledge
  3. I am by no means considering myself to right on any one topic, rather I will write from my perspective/narrative and be truthful to myself; I will accomplish this by what i know and what i come to know.
  4. You will receive my best effort and attitude at all times
  5. I will do my best to bring the facts together in all my blog posts by using credible sources and backing up my posts with relevant and valid arguments. However, be aware that through this process and any such process for that matter the original source of information is from that person’s perspective (opinion). Essentially, all information is an opinion generated by the original source. Emphasis: I will do my best to not only write from my narrative, but bring in credible sources to sustain my information.
  6. I welcome feedback and constructive criticism. I would rather fail and learn from my mistakes than succeed and not learn from my success.

As a beginner, I expect the blogging process to take some for me to learn properly and truly get on board with building a successful blog site.




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